How to Age in Place

Aging in place ideally shouldn’t just maintain your present quality of life yet make it better wherever possible. Making some adjustments to your house which increases accessibility and decreases the odds of injury is an excellent place to start. Think about the below enhancements from Drews Roofing and Home Repair to assist you in staying…

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Benefits of Open Shelving in Kitchens

open kitchen shelves

For the last couple of years, one popular kitchen design trend has been open shelves. The concept of open kitchen shelves provides several aesthetic and functional advantages: Creates an airy appearance Open shelves visually open your kitchen space up to make it look more spacious, brighter, and larger. Convenient There isn’t any need to rummage…

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Attic Insulation is Important to Your Home

Installing attic insulation is an integral component to making your home more energy efficient. Attic insulation serves two purposes when it comes to increasing your energy efficiency. In the winter, it helps to keep all of the warm air inside of the home from the rising cold making its way to the attic. This is…

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Importance of Flashing for Your Home

A drip edge system when combined with proper ventilation provides you with continual flow into the attic and home while providing you with sturdy roofing. Flashing also works to protect your structure from potential leaks and any water seeping in during the rainy and wet seasons. Material Type is Important One of the best materials…

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Patching Drywall is Critical in Your Home

As your home settles, the doors that don’t have stops will end up creating holes. Corner beads loosen from the movement and your drywall begins to show signs of damage. Patching the cracks and holes in the drywall is important to being able to maintain the overall value of your home. Making the repairs in…

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