Attic Insulation is Important to Your Home

Installing attic insulation is an integral component to making your home more energy efficient. Attic insulation serves two purposes when it comes to increasing your energy efficiency. In the winter, it helps to keep all of the warm air inside of the home from the rising cold making its way to the attic. This is an integral function as the warm air will naturally rise. If you don’t have insulation, you are going to have a difficult time keeping your home warm on the cooler nights.

Attic insulation helps keep all of the hot air filling the attic in the summer from making its way back down into your home. Even a small amount of hot air with extreme temperatures making their way back into the home can significantly increase the cost for cooling your home.

The most important thing when it comes to installing insulation for your attic is to make sure you are getting good coverage throughout the area. Having gaps or holes in the insulation can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. Having insulation professionally installed will help provide you with the results desired. Batts tend to offer a little better insulation per every inch of thickness, but they are harder to get complete coverage with. Blown insulation can easily be blown into all of the crevices and corners in your attic to ensure you don’t have to worry about leaks or gaps. It also costs less to install in terms of labor and material costs.

Understanding how attic insulation works is critical for figuring out if you are going to need more insulation. Essentially, insulation works along the same principles as a down sleeping bag. It works to trap pockets of air that end up forming an air barrier between the outside and the inside temperatures. Since the pockets of air cannot move freely, it prevents them from cycling through the insulation and being able to transfer the heat across it. Insulation that is trampled, pressed down or de-fluffed won’t be as effective. As the insulation gets pressed down and settles, the air pockets get pressed out and reduce its effectiveness.

Increase the insulation in your home today by enlisting the help of a trained professional.

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