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When you think about home repair, there are essentially hundreds of things that come to mind, right? Whether your home has wall scuffs that desperately need to be covered with a fresh coat of paint, squeaky floors that need to be fixed, leaky windows or damaged sheet rock, there are many different types of home repair projects on your growing list. The good news is that you are in the right place!

home repair from drews roofing

Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is the leading home repair contractor in Brunswick County, NC and surrounding areas. His name is well known for providing quality home repair services to homeowners all over the county. We believe that no job is too big or too small and we are ready and willing to take care of all your home repair needs…no matter what they may be.

Instead of attempting to handle your own home repairs, trust the professionals at Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair. We are skilled in all types of home repair projects and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

– Need a new door installed? We can do it!

– Need a leaky window repaired? We can do it!

– Need sheet rock installed throughout your home? We can do it!

– Need a rotting deck replaced? We can do it!

We can go on and on, but the point is, no matter what type of home repair you are in need of, Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is here for you! Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

Home Repair Project Completed By Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair

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