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There are many excellent roofing contractors available in almost every area of the county.  Unfortunately, there are also companies which are less than reputable and who will try to scam you.  Here are some suggestions for finding reputable and reliable roofing contractors.

1.    Make sure the roofer BSL, NC carries the proper insurance coverage’s.  This normally includes liability and workers compensation insurance.  Ask the company for a copy of their insurance certificate and ensure that it is current and covers their employees

2.    Ask friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. for referrals.  Some of the best information about a company comes from someone who has used them before.  Usually if they had a good experience they are happy to share this with you.  Conversely if they had a bad experience they will certainly let you know as well.

3.    Make certain you understand exactly what the company intends to do.  In other words what kind of materials will they use, etc.  Also while it is normally fine to apply a second layer of shingles over an existing layer, this should not be done for more than two layers.  Check into this and make certain the company is not taking any shortcuts.

4.    Don’t complete rely on the inspection of the contractor.  Do your own checking.  This is not to suggest that you climb on the roof but you can often inspect areas through binoculars, etc.  This can help assure that things are either as bad as they say or not as bad.  It’s a good double check on the situation.

5.    Make certain that a contract from the company you intend to use is as detailed as possible.  It should include the scope of work, the materials used, warranties, and allowance for unexpected or unforeseen situations.  The company should be able to provide you with a firm price but sometimes the roof may turn out to be in worse shape than originally anticipated.  It cannot be open ended however so protect yourself.

6.    Your roofer BSL, NC Roofer should take care of applying for and obtaining all necessary permits.  Make certain that your contract accounts for this and specifies who will be responsible for the costs.

7.    A reputable roofer BSL, NC will normally perform a post inspection to ensure that the job is up to proper standards and that all is acceptable.

A Little Bit About Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

Boiling Spring Lakes is a small town between Leland, NC and Southport, NC known for it’s many lakes including Patricia Lake which is a popular spot for boaters. Drew happens to enjoy spending time on his pontoon boat with his family at this lake. If you are visiting and you love pizza, stop by and check out The Pepperoni Grill located on Hwy 87.

BSL Trivia: Did you know that Boiling Spring Lakes actually has a boiling spring? You can find it off of Tuscarora Dr.

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