How to Increase the Value of your Mobile Home

By Andrew Bussell | Jun 10, 2019

Maybe the most typically considered method to boost price includes increasing the value through sweat equity and repairs. If the home is well worth about $5,000 with needed repairs, surely making all or some of the required repairs is going to justify a greater price once it’s completed. It’s the most typical way to increase…

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Flooring Trends For 2019

By Andrew Bussell | May 18, 2019

Here, the friendly folks over at Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair go over the top flooring installation trends for 2019: Mosaics in the Bathroom White mosaics, and white and black patterned ones, are extremely on-trend now. In the year 2019, a number of shapes, which includes small squares, subway tiles, chevron, herringbone, and much more…

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installing tile

Entry and Kitchen Tile Tips

By Andrew Bussell | Apr 17, 2019

If tile is your taste, there are a ton more selections than you currently may know about. Keep on reading to hear more about entry and kitchen tile tips for entryways and kitchen floors. Kitchen Floor Tile Tips Materials for kitchen tile flooring are available in a variety for you to pick from: concrete, stone,…

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window repair and maintenance

Window Repair and Maintenance

By Andrew Bussell | Mar 14, 2019

Protect your window investment with routine maintenance. Taking measures to maintain the windows will assist in ensuring that they last longer. Below we list some easy ways to maintain and clean the windows: Vacuum debris from your windowsill or track before washing Use a mix of water and mild dish soap to clean window frames…

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roof inspection

Ways to Inspect a Roof

By Andrew Bussell | Feb 10, 2019

You ought to inspect your roof at the minimum of two times per year – one time in the spring season and one time in the fall season, according to the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). However, as it’ll come to inspecting the roof, the majority of homeowners wonder where they ought to start. Check…

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hiring a handyman

How do I Hire a Handyman?

By Andrew Bussell | Jan 11, 2019

Hiring a handyman is like hiring a landscaper, contractor, accountant, or any kind of professional service. There are numerous things to remember as you choose your following handyman. Here, we list some things you should give consideration to as you choose the proper handyman. References – Hearing from past customers of a contractor or handyman…

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Why Should you Winterize a Roof?

By Andrew Bussell | Dec 20, 2018

The leaves keep on falling and the weather continuously gets colder, meaning it is time to prepare the roof for winter. No one has a desire to experience collapsed roofing or bursting pipes on a frigid winter’s day, which is the reason why winterizing a roof in the fall is so critical! Follow the below…

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Tips for Vinyl Stains

By Andrew Bussell | Nov 16, 2018

Tiled vinyl floors may be a cost-efficient method of replacing outdated, old floors. But vinyl does tend to stain pretty easily. Here, we are going to list some great tips to get stubborn stains out of these kinds of floors. Before getting started, be sure that you use a white cloth because colored fabric might…

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Things You Should Check While Hiring A Roof Contractor

By Andrew Bussell | Oct 22, 2018

As you choose a roofing contractor that’s trustworthy and are looking for the right option for you, here’s a fast guide to check out: Be certain you know the complete scope of the roofing project: What is the roofing contractor going to do? Will they be doing spot repairs or replacing the entire roof? What…

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