Does Your Roof Need Repair?

By Andrew Bussell | May 24, 2020 |
Roof Repair

We count on our roofs to stand up to the weather elements and keep us safe. Even though, as time passes, the natural elements of nature will gradually reduce a roof’s integrity, oftentimes leaving it vulnerable to air leaks and water damage. Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is the provider to pick if you want…

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3 Home Modifications for Aging Parents

By Andrew Bussell | Apr 17, 2020 |
home modifications

As the baby boomer generation ages, planning house modifications to ensure convenient “aging in place” must occur sooner instead of later. To assist with the process of planning, we are listing three of the most critical property upgrades for helping your loved ones care for Mother and Father as they appreciate their retirement years –…

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What are The Benefits of Rubber Roofing?

By Andrew Bussell | Mar 11, 2020 |
rubber roof southport nc

Rubber roofing provides several benefits, and it may be a good investment for homeowners who have low-sloping roofs. When it comes to installing rubber roofs, one other benefit is that it does not need special tools. In particular, flat rubber roofs are comparatively easy to install. Let’s go over the other benefits: Aesthetically Pleasing and…

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3 Top Benefits of Hiring A Handyman

By Andrew Bussell | Feb 18, 2020 |
handyman services southport nc

There are lots of home repair tasks you can take on and it is vital to know when you should employ a handyman, when to hire a contractor, or when to do it yourself. From getting that “honey-do” list done to saving money, we list 3 top reasons to hire a handyman for all of…

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House Not Feel as Warm as the Thermostat Displays? It Might be Your Roof

By Andrew Bussell | Jan 16, 2020 |
problematic roof

January is one of the coldest months. If you turn on the heater and feel as if your home is not as warm as it should be, it might be time for a roof repair or replacement. If you have any concerns when it comes to your roof call us today and schedule and estimate.…

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