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Winter Roofing Issues – Conditions and Solutions—Bolivia NC

roofer bolivia ncMany roofs can run into problems during winter.  There are a number of unique situations which occurs over this time which can impact the performance and reliability of your roof.  Here are some common winter roofing issues and what to do about them.

Ice Dams  A very common problem encountered during winter is the presence of ice dams.  Ice dams form when water does not completely drain from the gutters.  When the temperature drops, this water freezes and blocks the drainage from the gutter.

As more collects this situation gets worse and worse.  Correcting the problem on a permanent basis normally has to occur before the water freezes.  So most homeowners seek a quick solution they can apply right away.

Some options include chipping away at the ice to remove it.  However it will still most likely be clogged up inside the downspout.  And it is possible to use heating elements in the gutters to help prevent the water from freezing up in the first place.

You must be careful when using this approach since it poses a fire risk.  However it is a good alternative in preventing ice dams so it should be seriously considered.

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Can you install a roof during the winter?  Yes it is possible to roof in a cold dry environment.  However the end results may not be altogether satisfactory.  This is due to the fact that most roofing materials are designed to bond and seal together at more moderate temperatures.

For the most part it requires the average temperatures to exceed 40 degrees.  It can be done in lower temperatures but extra care is required.  There are special techniques and considerations necessary for each major type of roofing installed.  Your roofing professional is well aware of the requirements to be followed for each type.

Condensation is another important consideration
during the winter.  Condensation happens when warm moist air contacts with a cold surface.  This can happen when warm air from your home contacts the bottom of a cold roof deck.  If there isn’t adequate ventilation in your attic, the warm air will hit the cold roof deck and form condensation.

This condensation will build up and eventually create water damage and affect the performance of insulation in the attic.

Prevention entails ensuring that there is good ventilation available to move the air through the area under the roofing deck.  In this way if there is warm air which escapes into that area, it can be quickly transported outside of the house before it forms condensation.

A little bit about Bolivia, NC

Bolivia, NC is a small town…really small, so don’t blink or you will miss it when you pass through! In fact, in 2013, the population was only 149! Bolivia is really a gateway between Southport, NC and Supply, NC with a few farms and a convenience store or two.

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