Benefits of Open Shelving in Kitchens

open kitchen shelves For the last couple of years, one popular kitchen design trend has been open shelves. The concept of open kitchen shelves provides several aesthetic and functional advantages:

Creates an airy appearance

Open shelves visually open your kitchen space up to make it look more spacious, brighter, and larger.


There isn’t any need to rummage through the drawers and cabinets to locate a certain item. Open shelves provide fast accessibility to your daily dishes. You’ll have the ability to easily view everything at a glance.


Cabinets may cover attractive wall treatments.  With open shelves, it’s possible to show off more of your paint, tiles, or additional wall coverings.


Generally, open shelving is a lot more economical than conventional cabinetry. Installation and products are more affordable. Save money or allocate that surplus of funds to another space of your kitchen remodel.

Open shelving encourages organization

Everything that is displayed on open shelving may be seen, which will offer a reason to keep all items organized and neat.

 Collector’s dream

If you own a collection of gorgeous serveware, dishware, decorative items or cutlery, open shelves give you an area to display it. Enjoy looking at your special pieces each day.

The ideal fit for non-standard areas

Shelves may be custom-made to fit into spaces a cabinet cannot, like small spaces around doors and odd corners.

Enhances charm

Open shelves may add charm that cabinetry occasionally lacks. Whether you like a minimalist monochrome dish collection, or a colorful and eclectic mix, displaying all items out in the open may make your kitchen appear welcoming and warm.

Open kitchen shelving concerns

Some folks are apprehensive about open shelving because there are some less-than-appealing serving and cooking items you still have to have within convenient reach. There isn’t any rule which says that if you enjoy open shelves that your kitchen must be entirely cabinet-free. A blend of open shelving, drawers, and cabinets may provide your home the functionality, storage space and style needed for entertaining, dining, cooking, and preparing food.

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