How to Increase the Value of your Mobile Home

mobile home valueMaybe the most typically considered method to boost price includes increasing the value through sweat equity and repairs. If the home is well worth about $5,000 with needed repairs, surely making all or some of the required repairs is going to justify a greater price once it’s completed. It’s the most typical way to increase value investors understand.
However, what other methods are available to boost mobile home value?

Move Mobile Home to an Improved Area

If a home is inside an RV park and the expenses to move a home fits into your sales numbers, it’s an extremely valid method of increasing mobile home value. Perhaps you’re moving a home from a run-down park to five-star park, or maybe you’re moving a home from a small town, inland park to oceanside, bustling park. Both these moves typically will create a greater re-sale demand and thereby a greater resale value, which equals profit.

Add More Mobile Homes to Land if You Can

If you have a home on land, maybe land zoning, as well as parcel size permits extra homes to become added to the mobile home. Within many instances this may boost re-sale value, as well as cash flow possibilities from the parcel.

Selling on Payments

As buyers can’t or won’t turn to credit unions or banks to finance the used/new home purchase, selling via payments may raise the purchasing price of the property out of necessity for a buyer. In other words, no matter how you buy a mobile home as you re-sell the mobile home for month-to-month payments, you’ll increase the quantity of buyers who are curious about the mobile home. This boost in demand typically will increase price, besides charging a premium service price.

Selling-on-payments involves a term which includes rent-to-own plans, lease options, owner financing, as well as additional methods. Some of those ways are frowned upon, as well as other ones, illegal in most places because of new acts and laws. However, selling on payments is still possible; just make sure that you follow all rules and laws while selling on terms or payments of any type.

Andrew Bussell

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