How to Age in Place

age in placeAging in place ideally shouldn’t just maintain your present quality of life yet make it better wherever possible. Making some adjustments to your house which increases accessibility and decreases the odds of injury is an excellent place to start. Think about the below enhancements from Drews Roofing and Home Repair to assist you in staying independent and thriving as your requirements change.


Think about the below simplistic updates to make the bathroom safer:
• Add functional components like removable shower heads and lowering shelves and cabinets
• Raise the toilet to the easiest height for you.
• Put grab bars in by your toilet and shower.


Also, it’s possible to make more minor changes to your existing master bedroom which has a huge impact on your sleeping space:
• Upgrade lights to make them accessible from several locations like the doorway and bed, minimize glare, as well as increase task and ambient light levels.
• Put in vertical grab bars for stability while getting out of and into bed.
• Ensure that rugs, floor covering, or carpets are secure, particularly around the corners, or remove them altogether.


Also, smaller door updates may make a huge impact like:
• Illuminating underside of steps or ledges.
• Eliminating steps and rises within entryways.
• Moving locks down to an easier level based upon your height or need for a scooter or wheelchair.
• Replacing doorknobs using lever handles so they’re more convenient to grab.

Exits and Entrances

Exits and entrances are one other vital item to make the house safer and more accessible. Uneven surfaces may pose a challenge and safety hazard. Think about the below updates to the entryway:

• Widen all entryways to permit for scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers.
• Install handrails on ramps, steps, and all throughout walkways.
• Add some non-slip surfaces around the staircases.
• Apply contrasting colors that indicate where there’s a change in floor material.
• Put in graduated ramps in spaces that have uneven steps or surfaces.

Keep in mind that aging in place appears different for everyone. Your house is as unique as you are, and developing a well-adapted area means you’re able to appreciate it into the future. Making slow changes now is going to reduce the burden of performing last-minute renovations.

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