Ways to Clean Laminate Wood Flooring

wood flooringLaminate wood floors have become an increasingly popular option for many homeowners. Low maintenance upkeep, beauty, and durability all are selling points for laminate wood flooring. But, if you have pets, children, or you have a life, you’ll need to clean the laminate wood floors occasionally. Below we list some simple tips on how to clean the laminate wood flooring, so you may continuously enjoy your home’s comfort and beauty.

There are some things you may do to prevent premature wear and tear and stains on laminate wood flooring. Use shades, blinds, curtains or additional kinds of window covering so that ultraviolet sun rays are blocked. The sun may cause fading and discoloration. Occasionally rearrange your area rugs and furniture, so the floor evenly wears throughout time. Spot clean the laminate wood flooring each time small stains arise.

Liquid spots ought to be immediately absorbed and cleaned using a soft towel and warm water. Tougher places might include markers, tar or oil may be extracted with a little nail polish remover. Just wet the edge of a soft towel using the nail polish remover then clean the space – and move in small circles until the stain is extracted. Go back over the stain with a damp, soft towel wet just with warm water. Dry using a soft, clean cloth. Harder spots such as candle wax or bubble gum may be frozen and loosened using ice. Use a plastic ice scraper  to softly extract the substance and take care not to scratch the wood laminate floor’s surface. Shoe scuffs easily can be erased with a pencil eraser. Just rub the eraser within the same direction of the mark. Wipe the space using a microfiber cloth when you’re finished.

Avoid polish, wax, soap, oil or detergents to clean the laminate wood floors. These things might be suitable for wood floors yet will damage laminate wood floors. Also, beware of utilizing a shine enhancer. They’re frequently awful for wood laminate flooring and quickly damage the floor.

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