Things You Should Check While Hiring A Roof Contractor

roofing systemAs you choose a roofing contractor that’s trustworthy and are looking for the right option for you, here’s a fast guide to check out:

  • Be certain you know the complete scope of the roofing project: What is the roofing contractor going to do? Will they be doing spot repairs or replacing the entire roof? What underlayment is the contractor going to use? Be sure you know the pros and cons of the various available solutions and that all things are detailed in the contract.
  • Ask about waste removal and clean-up: Confirm that the contractor is going to be responsible for taking all old materials away and cleaning your site up after their work is done. A quality roofer will sweep the property for debris and old nails.
  • Consider your landscaping and gutters: A roofing project is going to require the usage of ladders which may cause damage as leaned against the gutters or stuck inside the landscaping. How is your roofing company going to protect against damage or repair things after the task is accomplished?
  • Prepare for poor weather: What will happen if there’s bad weather while the roofing job is underway? Ask the roofing company about what they’ll do to protect your house in the instance of hail or rain. A reputable roofer will watch the weather and prepare accordingly, that is, to rapidly cover unfinished roofing spaces.
  • Check insurance coverage: If your job is for repairing damage, check the (homeowner’s) insurance to verify if your project is covered and how you ought to proceed if so. Also, you want to check the insurance coverage of the contractor for things such as property damage, personal liability, and worker’s compensation.
  • Various contractors for various roofing systems: Roofers might be certified to install certain kinds of roofs. It’s possible to check with a manufacturer to verify if the contractor is certified for their system. The leading manufacturers for residential roof systems within the United States are CertainTeed and GAF – be sure your roofing company is completely certified with those manufacturers, or you’ll risk not having a manufacturer’s warranty upon the roof!


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Andrew Bussell

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