Vinyl and Tile Flooring in 2021

tile flooring

Tile floors are famous for their classic appearance, virtually indestructible composition, and versatility. Because glazed tile is waterproof by nature, it’s the only floor option you may use anywhere – mudrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, you name it. 

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Below we list some of the leading trends in tile flooring for 2021:

  • Designer tile shapes: Right now, squares are out, and creative, new shapes are in. You can expect to see more hexagon tiles, fan tiles, arabesque tiles, and much more.
  • Decorative tile styles: From intricate and colorful Moroccan tile looks to glamorous art deco tile patterns, there are lots of decorative styles to pick from.
  • Encaustic-look tile: Appreciate the encaustic-look tile’s detailed patterns. Highly sought-after styles range from florals to geometrics, to Victorian and old-world. 
  • Marble-look tile: Obtain the high-end appearance of marble without the maintenance hassles and high price.

Will the trend in tile floors last beyond 2021?

Yes! Tile is easy to clean, durable, and is available with the most style choices of any additional flooring. 

Trends in vinyl flooring

As technology advances, vinyl floors get increasingly closer to natural stone and wood looks. Decorative patterns are also gaining in popularity. Even better, all of that beauty comes with no additional work. Vinyl flooring involves less maintenance and upkeep and they are simple to clean.

Below we list some of the leading trends in vinyl floors for 2021:

  • Decorative vinyl floors: Decorative, trendy patterns such as trellis, stained glass, and geometric designs are now becoming more popular.
  • Stone-look tiles: Get the appearance of beautiful natural stone, which includes travertine, limestone,  marble, and much more.
  • Wood-look planks: Classic wood appearance is even more realistic, with high-end visuals and embossed textures.
  • Vinyl sheets: For DIY-friendly, affordable vinyl flooring, nothing is better than vinyl sheets. Also, they offer quality decorative patterns.
  • Rigid core, waterproof SPC vinyl: 100 percent waterproof and it’s even more durable than WPC vinyl, this type of vinyl has it all.

Will trends in vinyl flooring last beyond 2021?

Absolutely! Vinyl floors are stylish, resilient, warm, and durable. 

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