What Does the Future Hold for Roofing?

future roofs

Our futures are not just ahead of us; they also are above us. Someday in the near future, the roofs on the majority of workplaces and homes are going to be eco-friendly and available with new, bold technologies. They will improve the environment and our daily lives in several ways.

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Protecting the Earth

Roofs are going to be ecologically sound and primarily made with recycled materials, as technology advances. They also will have the ability to conserve energy and reduce electric bills by allowing sunlight in during the day.

Often, green roofs feature soil layers so that plants may grow. The plants soak inside rainwater. Therefore, there is less runoff after rainstorms and decreased threat of water damage. Furthermore, this type of runoff often contains pollution and occasionally makes its way into rivers, lakes, and other water bodies.

Remaining Cool

Roofing is not only getting greener, but cooler, too. Sunlight bounces off cold roofs because of their paint or reflective surfaces. In turn, the temperature indoors drops, and folks are able to save money by turning their air conditioning down.

Cool roofs are going to be particularly valuable in warm climates and densely populated regions. Within some cities, the combined warmth of roofs which are close to one another may create uncomfortable living conditions.

Tesla Dips its Finger Into Roofing

Tesla Motors, in the future of roofing, is leading the way. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, back in October of 2016, demonstrated its technology at Universal Studios in LA. The energy-efficient roof, designed of tempered glass tiles, is able to melt snow. Plus, it is as strong as steel, pretty much impossible to break, according to Tesla.

Under these tiles are solar cells that convert sunlight to electricity. The roof then can store the power for folks to use at night. Tesla’s roof, which is going to be available in various colors, also provides privacy in order to prevent anyone from peering inside your house.

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