Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

roof-repair-replacement southport ncWe at Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair love the summer as much as anyone, but with the summer comes hurricane season.  The Atlantic has been relatively calm so far this year, but anything can happen when it comes to hurricanes.  We at Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair want you to be aware of what you should do ahead of time.  This way should a hurricane come, you are ready to be active because you were proactive.

Here are 15 solid tips for you in preparation for hurricane season.

  1. Have a plan – Warnings to evacuate may come fast. You will need to be ready to go and go fast;
  2. Watch and listen – Follow the news and weather radio for surges and flooding;
  3. Avoid water – Water over the road could be much deeper than you may think;
  4.  Food, water and medication – You need at minimum a seven day supply of each;
  5. Flashlights – Have a few plus some candles. Two sets of batteries for each flashlight is a good idea;
  6. Gas – Keep your tanks on full as much as possible. At very least nothing under ½ tank;
  7.  Secure loose items outside – Bicycles, lawn furniture and more are deadly missiles in high winds;
  8. Refrigerator – Turn your fridge on the lowest setting to keep food cool as long as possible;
  9. Tools – A multi-purpose tool is always a good thing to have handy all the time;
  10. Cell phone – Goes without saying, but keep chargers handy, a car charger especially;
  11. Generator – If you have one great; have it ready with fresh fuel;
  12. Take pictures – Get photos of valuables and the home before the storm;
  13. Insurance – Have your homeowner’s policy in hand for claims;
  14. Keep calm – Panic will only make matters worse;
  15. Have Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair’s number on hand for damages.

15 Good Tips to help keep you and your family safe during hurricane season.  Let Drew’s Home Roofing and Home Repair know as soon as possible after any hurricane damage.  We will come to your house for an initial inspection and review.  We want to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

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