Be Aware Of Dishonest Roofing Contractors!

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Roofing contractors are different.  There are plenty of contractors out there for you to choose from, but we at Drew’s hope that you choose us when you need a roofing contractor.  This is why we want to take this month’s blog and talk to you about roofing scams and scammers.

There are always going to be dishonest and unscrupulous roofing contractors.  The best way to avoid one is to be sure the company is established in the community.  The best ones will have a well-designed, professional website and feature regular content.  You can be sure the team at Drew’s is just that all the way around.

That said, here are our five tips for watching out for a roofing contractor and scam artist.

  1. Pay now – Good roofing companies will not ask for upfront payments. A payment schedule is often written into the estimate of partial payments to be given throughout the job. Scammers will ask for some or all upfront and then leave with your money.
  2. Showing up after a storm for an inspection – a genuine roofing company does not solicit work. They wait for the customers to contact them. Roofing companies just “in the neighborhood” after a storm are up to no good.  Do not take a chance with them.
  3. Sign now – It may be a low bid, but a good contractor will not force you into a contract. They will wait and have you look for bids, review the terms and make an informed choice.
  4. The elevator ride – Once you sign on a low bid, they start attaching the extras onto the job that was not figured into the estimate. We at Drew’s have been in business long enough to know a good approximation of the cost of a job and will do everything possible to stay in that amount.
  5. Great work, on the surface – For the untrained eye, this can be almost impossible. The work looks sound, but there is no way of knowing until it is too late. A reliable roofing company will provide the best work the first time and each time.

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