What’s Involved in Mobile Home Repair?

professional mobile home repairThe more time taken to make sure your house is in good condition to begin with, the less you will need to bother with big repairs of any kind. But, there are many considerations that are particular to modular and mobile homes you will want to stay on top of.

Seal Out Leaks and Draft

Perhaps the most problematic element of mobile homes includes their tendency to let the weather in. Be it a cool draft through doors and windows or water seeping in through incorrectly sealed roof panels, it’s one area to be very diligent about. Do a routine check of your mobile home so you can identify leaks and have them immediately sealed up.

Minimize Moisture

Mobile homes tend to trap moisture in, which might lead to a variety of more severe issues. So you can head off such issues at the pass, you should run a de-humidifier inside your house, open up windows when you can so you can air things out, and ensure that you vent dryers outside instead of under the structure.

Keep Pests Out

Rodents, carpenter ants, termites and additional wild animals may produce major damage to a modular or mobile home. Regularly check the home for indications of infestations, and ensure that you keep your skirting, as well as belly boards in good condition to keep out pests. If you suspect that there’s a problem, immediately handle it on your own or call in a pest control professional to eliminate the infestation.

Winterize the Home

Harsh weather conditions are another main mobile home repair cause. As the weather is nice, ensure that you check the home’s insulation, clean out gutters, apply a little heat tape to all of the exposed water pipes, and be certain the skirting is correctly applied.

Time for Repair Work

Before doing any major work, which includes applying new roofing material, siding, even attaching a porch or carport, it is probably a good thought to talk with a contractor which has a specialty in mobile home repair to ensure that you aren’t doing more harm than good.

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