How to Prevent Seasonal Gapping

wood seasonal gapping

Wood flooring looks elegant and beautiful. That’s why, despite additional less expensive solutions, they remain favorites with homeowners. However, one unique thing with wood floors is gaps which occur with a change of seasons. We at Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair, have been hardwood flooring installers with years of expertise. Here we cover how to avoid disappointments that arise from seasonal gapping.

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Why Gapping Occurs

It’s a seasonal phenomenon which happens as a result of various moisture levels in the atmosphere. Wood naturally tends to expand when there’s greater humidity in the atmosphere. It again naturally contracts once the humidity decreases. Therefore, how will you solve this problem? Below are some recommendations:

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Treated or engineered hardwood flooring goes through minimal contraction and expansion because of changes in the level of moisture. Always speak with a trusted hardwood flooring professional for assistance with selecting wood that is the most appropriate for local weather conditions.


The most efficient method of helping to minimize seasonal gapping for hardwood flooring includes installing a dehumidifier/humidifier that helps keep the level of humidity inside your household within the suggested level of 35 – 55 percent.

We advise contacting a licensed HVAC professional to incorporate it into your system. Those systems may be a bit more costly than other ones; however, it’ll be well worth the investment.


Even if you do not have a system installed, it’ll make sense to get all windows checked for gaps because the system will not operate effectively if moisture keeps on getting inside from outside through window slits.

Emergency Repair

However, what if you have visitors coming at night and you wake in the morning to see tiny spots of opening because of contraction? You require an immediate solution. Keep fillers or color coordinated touch-up pen on-hand. Those are going to be your emergency helpers before it’s possible to receive professional help.

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