Does Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for Roofing Repairs?

One of the best ways to find out whether your roof repairs are covered or not is to contact your insurance company roofing-repairsand ask them what all the specifics of your policy are. Coverage often depends on how old your roof is, what area you live in and a whole host of other factors. Because of this, you need to know all of the specifics of your policy right out of the gate.

Many policies will cover roof damages that were the result of something that couldn’t have been prevented, such as a fire or vandalism. Acts of God like tornadoes and hurricanes are often covered as well. While things like rain, wind and hail are typically covered, there are certain factors that come into play that determine whether you are going to be covered or not. It can also determine the amount of your reimbursement. The same things that come into play with your roof also apply to the exterior of your home.

Many insurance policies look at how old your roof was when the damage occurred. Roofs under 10 years of age might be covered in full, while those that are older might be reimbursed at the depreciated rate. The depreciated value accounts for the wear and age of your roof. Based on where it is that you live, certain insurance policies are only going to pay for damage up to the maximum depreciated value, regardless of how new or old your roof might be.

In certain instances, any water damage caused might need to be covered with a separate policy. Mold from that water damage might not be covered either. The best thing you can do is to prevent leaks from forming in the first place. This will minimize damage and repair costs.

It takes a lot of time to replace your roof and restore it to its original state. Because of this, you need to have someone come out and inspect your roof on a regular basis to minimize the chance of something going wrong due to negligence. Schedule an appointment to have someone come out and evaluate your situation today.

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