Why Should you Winterize a Roof?

winterize a roofThe leaves keep on falling and the weather continuously gets colder, meaning it is time to prepare the roof for winter. No one has a desire to experience collapsed roofing or bursting pipes on a frigid winter’s day, which is the reason why winterizing a roof in the fall is so critical! Follow the below tips to keep your house safe this winter.

What You Should Inspect

Part of winterizing a roof includes just taking a look around to ensure everything appears the way it ought to be. If anything looks misplaced or requires repair, it’s better to get it done before the winter sets in. If you neglected to do this before winter set in, just keep these tips in mind for next year.

Get the Roof Ready for Winter

Once you have checked over the roof’s structure and everything looks in good condition, it is time to begin cleaning. Clumps of dirt and debris on the roof when the snow or freezing rain arrives may cause major roof damage. Protect the roof from frozen piles of twigs, leaves, and branches by blowing away all roof debris, ensuring to clear out all of the valleys and additional hidden nooks and crannies.

Then, clean out the gutters. If you have seen that the gutters are splitting, sagging, rusty, peeling paint, or overflowing during the rain, it might be time to get them replaced. Otherwise, clear away all debris to ensure correct water drainage. Keeping the gutters clear will not just assist water to drain properly, it’ll also prevent accumulation of ice, which might cause major house damage.

Finally, it is time to clear your exhaust vents out. Cleaning your exhaust vents are a simple activity to overlook, and the majority of professionals suggest getting it done one time per year. If you have not cleaned your vents this year, there isn’t any better time than before winter sets in.

Taking care of and maintaining the roof may seem daunting, but Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is here to assist in taking off the pressure. Whether you require a gutter cleaning, roof inspection, or a full roof repair, we’re here to assist you in preparing your roof for winter! Call to arrange an appointment right away at 910-845-2207.

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