What are The Benefits of Rubber Roofing?

Rubber roofing provides several benefits, and it may be a good investment for homeowners who have low-sloping roofs. When it comes to installing rubber roofs, one other benefit is that it does not need special tools. In particular, flat rubber roofs are comparatively easy to install. Let’s go over the other benefits:

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Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable

With rubber roofing there aren’t many seams, making it more water resistant than is the case with other kinds of roofing material. Rubber roofs provide durability, despite being fairly light, as well as aesthetic appeal – notably as rubber shingles are in place upon a sloped roof. Those two plusses also can add substantial to the value of a home. If you have any questions about rubber roofing call us today for your free estimate (910) 845-2207.

Rubber roofing is resistant to temperature extremes – whether it is hot or freezing, rubber roofing won’t be susceptible to cracking. It also isn’t a combustible material, because it is difficult to burn. Although it may be punctured, there are very few flaws in rubber roofing over additional roofing materials. The typical rubber roof may be expected to last from 30 – 50 years.

Due to its qualities, rubber roofing will not need routine maintenance either. If problems do arise over time, patches easily can be applied.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Although rubber roofing may be expensive as far as an initial investment is concerned, those funds may be clawed back due to the material’s energy efficiency. A lightly colored or white rubber roof conserves energy even further.

A rubber roof comprises of recycled materials; therefore, rubber roofing also is eco-friendly – and it’ll last two times as long as the majority of other kinds of roofing materials. In some instances, you also may have the ability to obtain a lifetime warranty.

Rubber shingles are a way of protecting the roof, as well as enhancing its look in an eco-friendly way. Typically, rubber shingles comprise of recycled tires, notably the tread part of the tires. Typically, the slate dust or sawdust utilized to coat the rubber will have also been recycled. One main reason that rubber shingles are so durable is the realization that the steel belting, from every original tire, still is kept when the shingles are made.

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