Shorea Wood: What is it?


With the interconnectedness of the world, an increasing amount of wood species of various exotic backgrounds are sprouting up in the market. There is purpleheart wood that has a violent purple grain which makes for whimsical furniture, decor and flooring. There is wenge, that comes all of the way from Africa and is as black as the evening sky. It’ll add depth to any room it is used in and even cutting boards that have the wood present appear much sharper. The new prevalence of gorgeous exotic woods improved the beauty in our houses and it isn’t any different regarding Shorea wood.

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Similar to Brazilian cherry and teak, shorea is a tropical hardwood rated highly on the Janka hardness scale. It is a great wood for exterior sunrooms or patios because it is amazingly resistant to insect damage. It naturally has the ability to repel fungus and moisture decay that could make it a choice for the homeowner who is completely set on the idea of having hardwood floors in their master bathroom. What is really wonderful concerning this exotic wood, beyond its breathtaking durability, is its capability of changing colors. You either can preserve the brown, rich shade it holds when it is initially cut, or it’s possible to allow it to grow grey and silver in color without it decaying. It is from Southeast Asia, mostly Indonesia and the Philippines, and it’s a prominent member of the rainforest population.


It is specifically harvested from the Sal tree that, depending upon the species, has the ability to reach up to 300’ tall, yet usually falls somewhere between 100’ to 300’. There are 5 different Sal tree species: the balau, light red merantis, dark red merantis, yellow merantis, and the white merantis. You actually may have heard of the meranti species before, as it often is called Phillipine mahogany and frequently is utilized in deck construction due to its resistant nature which repels moisture and additional decay. This makes it perfect for use outdoors.

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