Shingle Roofing Materials – Which is Best?

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Shingle Roofing Materials – Which is Best?

roofer calabash ncA roof can be covered with a variety of materials.  Here is a review of some of the key shingle roofing materials with some of their pros and cons.

1.    Asphalt Shingles  These are the most common roofing materials used and account for almost 90% of all residential roofs.  There are two main types of asphalt shingles.  They are organic which are typically comprised of paper saturated with asphalt to make it waterproof.

Following this, asphalt cement is applied over the top with ceramic particles embedded.  The fiberglass type doesn’t use paper but otherwise is similar.  Asphalt shingles are easy to use and normally last for ten or more years under normal conditions.

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Asphalt shingles work with a wide variety of roofs and they are relatively easy to install.  They also make great materials for repairs.

In general asphalt shingles are better suited for colder climates.  In the heat, they tend to soften and may eventually warp.  These shingles are prone to damage when exposed to rapid temperature changes.  And proper roof ventilation is very important to help keep the temperature down.

If the attic area gets too hot, it transfers to the shingles which is not a good situation for them at all.

2.    Red Cedar shingles  This material provides good protection and is very attractive.  It should be expected to last up to 30 years.  The material is applied to a wooden lathe on the roof since ventilation is essential.  The cost of this material is quite high relative to asphalt shingles but can present a striking look.

3.    Slate  This material is extremely durable and can be expected to last for 50 to 200 years depending on the thickness and type of material used.  Since this is a rock, its weight is quite high so the roof must be designed to support this material.

Its cost is quite high but the look of this material is very attractive for many homes.  Since it has extremely high durability it normally never has to be replaced if installed properly.

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will always use the right materials for your area!

4.    Ceramic Tiles  This material is extremely durable and should last for 20 – 100 years.  The cost is quite high as well but its look and durability can help to offset this premium.
There is no clear cut answer when it comes to the best roofing shingle materials.  Some materials are better suited for warmer climates than colder ones.  Or they may offer enhanced durability and longevity.

This may be weighed against a higher materials cost and installation cost.  You need to understand all aspects of the pros and cons for each material so you can make well informed choices.

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