Mold On The Roof

removing moldMost of the molds that you see on your home’s roof are harmless and grow there naturally.  Some people, such as yourself, are probably not keen on having the unsightly looking mold on their roof, so removal is necessary.

What you will first need to do is contact a professional.  We at Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair do not recommend you doing this job yourself as it can be dangerous.  Leave it to a professional.  Here is what you can expect them to do to clean your roof thoroughly.


Some professionals will bring tarps to cover the plants.  If not, at the very least they should spray down the plants and lawn with fresh water.  This will keep the bleach solution necessary to clean the roof from getting onto and killing plants and lawn.


Bleach, as you know, can be nasty if breathed in or gotten onto skin.  The team should at the very least have gloves and goggles to protect themselves.  Some will run the bleach solution directly into the water stream, and others may have a mix.  Either way, be sure they are using some bleach solution.


The bleach solution will need to be applied in a uniform manner across the entire roof, starting at the top and working down.  It should sit for a time to work itself in before spraying the roof back down with clean water to wash the bleach solution and broken up mold from the roof.  If they don’t plan on spraying with fresh water, ask them to do so.  It would make sense to ask before starting.


Roofing and water do not mix well.  Be sure the person you hire is fully insured and licensed.  Failure to do so may end up with you holding a very large medical bill for an accident.  This is why Drew’s does not condone you attempting to clean the roof yourself.

Finally, remember that Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair should be your go to for any repairs on your roof or in your home.

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