Is it Possible to Replace Your Roof In The Wintertime?

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Is it possible to replace your roof in the wintertime? The answer is yes. Roof replacement in the wintertime actually can offer some major benefits, which includes these:

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Sealants Bond Better

One main benefit of undergoing a replacement in the wintertime is the stronger bond between the roof and shingles. If you’re prepared to utilize asphalt shingles on the new roof, you’ll be happy to know that the sealant utilized for asphalt shingles bonds better in the winter than within the summer. In the summertime, asphalt shingles will automatically seal because of the quantity of heat present. In the wintertime, shingles are individually sealed by a roofer. It may result within a stronger seal which lasts longer.

Roof Replacement Is Done Faster

In replacing the roof in the wintertime, homeowners also can take advantage of a faster project timeline. As the majority of folks wait until the summer or spring to replace the roof, replacement contractors are frequently extremely busy within these seasons. It isn’t unusual to wait weeks or months to get the project completed. But, not as many folks choose to have the roof replaced within the winter. That means it’s possible to have the roof replacement performed a lot more rapidly as the contractor will probably have more room on the schedule to accommodate your requirements.

Same Work Quality Performed

There’s a common myth that roof replacement jobs performed in the winter will cause a lower quality of work conducted. That’s not true. As a matter of fact, a replacement contractor will give the same degree of quality or maybe even a better degree of quality as he won’t feel rushed to move on to the next project. In no way will weather affect the work done by expert replacement contractors, which means the roof will be replaced on time with the right methods and quality materials. Roofing professionals have the right equipment and tools necessary to work in all kinds of exterior conditions, even harsh winter weather.

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