Did Hurricane Matthew Damage your Home?

roofing professionalWow. Hurricane Matthew pounded the Carolinas. We’ve been wide open repairing roofs and talking with homeowners to make sure their roof can handle the next storm.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners have a damaged roof, but won’t know until the damage spreads and creates an even bigger problem. If your house was hit by high winds, flying debris or trees and big limbs, then call Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair. We’ll come out and inspect your roof.

If nothing is wrong, and that’s what we hope, your house will get a clean bill of health. If we find problems, we’ll show you what happened. We’ll tell you what it will take to fix the damage. We’ll give you an estimate to take to your insurance company.

Calling Drew is the safest thing to do, but here are a few things you can do to check for roof damage.

Look at the roof. Specifically, you are looking for missing shingles. If you see missing shingles, then you definitely have roof damage. Call Drew immediately. If you have a metal roof and see signs of bent metal, call us.

Sometimes asphalt shingles won’t completely tear away. They can tear and slide out if place or crack. Watch for this. The next time we have wind, go outside and watch the roof. Any moving shingles mean you have roof damage.

Inspect the attic for leaks. This is a pretty involved job. If you don’t feel comfortable walking around on ceiling joists, call Drew. We’ll come out and inspect everything. If we find leaks, we’ll document them and show you where the damage is.

Check the siding and fascia. If you see dented or missing siding and metal fascia around the chimney and edges of the house, call Drew. Dents may not seem like something to worry about, but it could be hiding more severe damage.

Watch for stains inside the house. The next good rain can be telling. If you see stains appearing on the walls or ceiling, call Drew immediately.

Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair offers a wide range of roofing and home repair to area residents in Southport NC and Brunswick County. Call (910) 845-2207 for estimates.

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