Hop into Spring with this Spring Maintenance Checklist

spring maintenance

It is pool, patio, and porch season, and we’re prepared to party! We can’t wait to test recipes, blend cocktails, and collect with friends we have missed during the dreary winter season. Now all we need to do is get our patio, pool, and porch prepared to party, as well! Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair will help shake off the cobwebs at your home and prepare exterior spaces for a festive spring fling or poolside dining. Contact our handyman service experts at 910-845-2207 to knock out a checklist of spring cleaning and home improvements, which includes:

Spring season is an ideal time to make necessary home repair. Get in touch with Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair, call us now at 910-845-2207 today!

• Clean outdoor surfaces like screen porches, pool decks, pathways and patios
• Tune up AC systems before the summertime heat wave
• Fix missing or torn screens on windows and porches
• Replace outdated or broken ceiling fans
• Clean glass and windows in exterior lanterns and lamps
• Fix stonework and brick on pathways and patios
• Clean gutters after spring’s pollen bloom
• Touch up outdoor paint on the house, garage and pool house
• Fix garden furniture and fencing
• Change difficult-to-reach light bulbs inside the eaves
• Inspect downspouts, roof and gutters; make small repairs
• Set irrigation system up
• Set up AC window units
• Weatherstrip leaking doors and caulk frames on windows to keep your home cool on warm summer days
• Pressure wash home deck and exterior
• Remove storm windows/wash windows
• Inspect lawn for areas of standing water that may serve as spots for mosquito breeding
• Search for rotted wood using a screwdriver around windows and on home’s exterior
• Get outside power equipment out from storage, perform all necessary maintenance

Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair cleans gutters, professionally repairs damaged downspouts and gutters, installs window ACs, weatherstrip and caulk doors and windows. We pressure wash decks and siding, as well as inspect roof exteriors and areas for rotting wood, making seamless repairs which protect your property from rain and maintain its curb appeal. From building sheds to installing storage systems and shelves, Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair makess spring cleaning organization a breeze!

Spring has arrived and summer is close behind. Contact Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair to get your patio, porch, and pool ready for Spring.

For more details about our home repair services call 910-845-2207 today!

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