Does Your Roof Need Repair?

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We count on our roofs to stand up to the weather elements and keep us safe. Even though, as time passes, the natural elements of nature will gradually reduce a roof’s integrity, oftentimes leaving it vulnerable to air leaks and water damage. Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is the provider to pick if you want to fix existing roof damage and obtain assistance in identifying all weaknesses which might lead to problems down the line. We cover four signs that indicate you need a new roof or roof repair.

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Problems with your shingles

It’s vital that you periodically inspect your roof. If you see shingles which appear cracked, curled, loose, or missing, it’s important to get in touch with a roofing repair provider in Southport, NC.

Water Damage

It also is critical that you occasionally inspect the attic during a rainstorm. It’ll give you the chance to identify if there’s a roof leak that’s creating mold and about to ruin your ceiling. It’s also possible to give your business or home a walk-thru to check if there are any streaks on the walls or dark spots on the ceiling. A clogged gutter and/or leaking roof may cause major water damage.

Increase in Energy Bill

Have you seen a rise in your energy bill? If the answer is yes, it might be caused by an increase in air conditioning unit usage. When the roof has an air leak, it permits the home’s colder air to escape and the warmer temperatures to creep in. If you’ve seen an unusual increase in your summer energy bill, call our roofing repair company and have the roof inspected for possible leaks.

Missing Granules

One crucial element of shingles include the granules which are on top. Shingle granules are utilized to safeguard the roof from rain, UV rays, snow, and much more. It’s vital to check if the shingles are losing granules in the gutters or on the driveway. If you see shingle granules, it means the roof’s life is at its end.

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