Common Mobile Home Repair Issues

As mobile homes age, they begin to show signs of wear. Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is one of the fewmobile home repair contractors around who works on manufactured housing. Here are the biggest problems we find with mobile home repairs and the solutions.

The “belly wrap.” The underside of a mobile home has a plastic sheet that seals it. Over time animals and underside repairs can damage and cut this wrap. Patching the holes with duct tape is a temporary measure; good enough until you can get Drew’s crews come in and affect a real repair. Damaged belly wrap is an invitation to all kinds of critters and insects to set up housekeeping in the insulation, especially in cold weather.

Leaking skylights. Skylights, especially in manufactured homes, tend to start leaking after a few years. If not fixed, this can lead to extensive roof damage. Drew’s can either remove the poorly done skylight or install a much better and longer lasting light.

Amateur wiring. Mobile homes leave the factory with proper wiring. As long as the homeowner doesn’t do anything, the wiring should last for many, many years. The problem we see is when someone goes in to rewire, add outlets or more wiring. This is dangerous. Wiring should always be done by professionals because a mistake can be fatal.

Polybutylene piping. It’s also known as PB or PB2110. We don’t see a lot of this anymore, but do find it in older homes. Simply put, the pipes are defective and will break, burst and split. Water damage can be significant. This kind of piping was common from the early 80s to 1995. If your mobile home dates from this period, call Drew and let us check your pipes before something bad happens.

Appliance discharge. Sometimes the washing machine discharges onto the ground. This is illegal in some places and creates a hazard as well. It’s done because some people believe the discharge will overfill a septic tank or cause other problems. It won’t if you have a properly designed septic system.

In some mobile homes, we find the dryer vents into the crawl space. This is not the way it was designed. Part of the vent line works loose. Call Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair today. Drew will be glad to check and repair any mobile home issues you may have.

If you need a mobile home repair company in Shallotte NC, you can trust Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair. Call (910) 845-2207 and request for an estimate.

Andrew Bussell

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