Roof Cleaning

Ways to Inspect a Roof

roof inspection

You ought to inspect your roof at the minimum of two times per year – one time in the spring season and one time in the fall season, according to the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association). However, as it’ll come to inspecting the roof, the majority of homeowners wonder where they ought to start. Check…

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Why Should you Winterize a Roof?

The leaves keep on falling and the weather continuously gets colder, meaning it is time to prepare the roof for winter. No one has a desire to experience collapsed roofing or bursting pipes on a frigid winter’s day, which is the reason why winterizing a roof in the fall is so critical! Follow the below…

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Mold On The Roof

Most of the molds that you see on your home’s roof are harmless and grow there naturally.  Some people, such as yourself, are probably not keen on having the unsightly looking mold on their roof, so removal is necessary. What you will first need to do is contact a professional.  We at Drew’s Roofing and…

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When Is The Last Time Your Roof Was Washed?


You know your roof is designed to last a very long time, and you schedule roofing maintenance with Drew’s.  It is a good idea and time to explain why roofing maintenance is so important.  Besides the routine checks, we also help keep your roof clean and in good shape.  This means keeping your roof free…

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Roof Cleaning Video

I recorded this video to show you our work. When we come to your home to clean your roof–you can be assured that we completed the work–because we share our video with you.  

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