Calling a Professional for Flooring Repairs

flooring repairsFloors do not last forever. When it comes time to replace the floor in your home or business, Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is the company to call. We install hardwood, laminate, carpet and tile. Need flooring repairs? We can handle those too!


Today’s hardwood flooring is the most durable and varied ever. You can choose from true wood, wood laminates and bamboo. Bamboo is actually a fast growing grass, but when it is turned into flooring, it is twice as hard as oak. The stalks are cut to size and the fibers then put under immense pressure and heat. This makes the bamboo incredibly tough.

Bamboo is also the most sustainable flooring you can buy. It grows amazingly fast. A patch of bamboo can be harvested for flooring every few years.


If you want a burst of color or a floor that won’t freeze your feet in winter, you want carpet. Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair has installed carpet for years throughout Southport, NC and surrounding areas. You pick the carpet and call us. If you’re not sure how much carpet you need, call us for a free estimate for installation and we can tell you exactly how much you’ll need.

When you pick the carpet, we can also tell you what kind of padding you need under it. Our installation is seamless. You’ll never know where one piece of carpet ends and another begins.


We can put tile on the floor and the wall in any room in the house. Tile is most popular in the kitchen and the bathroom. When we put tile on the wall, we make sure it’s sealed to be waterproof. When we put it on the floor, we make sure it’s sealed to resist dirt and grime.


We do the hard work. When you order a new floor, the old one has to be removed. Furniture has to be moved out of the way. The removal and installation process is going to create dust. When we’re done, you won’t find any construction dust or debris.


Call Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair for a free estimate today. Need more than just flooring work? No job is too big or too small for us!

Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair offers a wide range of flooring repair, roofing, home repair, painting, and handyman services to area residents in Southport NC. Receive the absolute best service. Call (910) 845-2207.

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