5 Qualities to Look for in Roofers

Worker putting bitumen shingles on a roofThere are many different kinds of roofing companies. A professional roofing company will have five important qualities. These qualities help set them apart from other roofing companies in the industry.

Those looking for installation or repair should know that their project is going to be an investment. Installation, repair and replacement can cost thousands of dollars for a project done correctly. Hiring a company with a good reputation may cost you more in the long run, but it is a great way to know you are getting a high-quality, reliable job.

When you first start searching for a new roofer, try looking for licensed roofing contractors in your area. You should also ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations. Looking in the phone book or in classified ads should be a last resort. You want to ensure that your roofer has a good reputation and experience to back it up.

What to Look for When Choosing a Roofing Company

Insurance should be a roofer’s top priority. When hiring a roofing service, make sure that they have adequate insurance that will cover accidents or injuries during construction or repair. An uninsured company may not be able to pay for the loss and will pass it on to the homeowner. Look at current paperwork to ensure the insurance policy and worker’s compensation plans are up to date before starting.

Your contractor should also have a permanent business place. This helps to show that the contractor can be trusted and helps validate that the company you are working with is legit. No one wants a contractor to run away with their money!

The best contractors will also offer a quality guarantee. These guarantees ensure that if you do not get a first-class service that you can get part or all of your money back. Most materials and products used by contractors usually come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. This promise of quality can also be promised by the roofer. It is often suggested that roofers should offer a one year or more warranty on a new installation.

Your roofer should also have all of the necessary licenses and permits for your area. These permits can be costly, but valid companies will prominently display them. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the permits needed in order to complete your project.

All good, experienced roofers will have references that they can share with you. Pick three from their list and call to validate the quality of the service offered.

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