5 Common Mobile Home Repairs

mobile home repairMost mobile homes require some repairs. While the safety and engineering which goes into building these houses is good, the few layers which separates the exterior and interior of the houses are fairly easy to work with and understand. Here are 5 common mobile home repairs:


Electrical Repairs

While you walk through a mobile home to purchase, the electrical service might be powered on and connected. If that’s the case, be certain to check all appliances, outlets, and light switches to check that they’re in proper working condition. Also, there should be an appropriate number of amps coming into a mobile home to power all modern AC systems and appliances.


Roof Repairs

Sometimes leaks from the roof are inevitable. Pinholes from branches or falling acorns may cause substantial water damage to a mobile home over time. Correct your roof by replacing and removing damaged shingles or re-cementing/tarring the damaged space. As the water’s entry point is fixed, replace and remove all damaged mold, insulation, and ceiling drywall/panels to cover.


Plumbing Repairs

We’ve discussed rainwater damaging a mobile home. But, any water overflow or leak inside a mobile home can damage the surrounding floor and walls if left for a significant amount of time. Before you purchase a mobile home, make sure that you test water lines and look and listen for leaks in water lines, pipes, appliances, sink connections refrigerator water lines, faucets, etc.


Wall Repairs

As aforementioned a mobile home’s construction layers are pretty simple to understand. While manufactured home walls are professionally made to keep any water out of the house, gutters will overflow, windows get inevitably left open, or water/roof leaks move into wall cavities to rot wall studs and produce mold within hot climates.


Floor Repairs

Over the past 5 decades, the floor material within mobile homes has changed from one-quarter of an inch compressed wood board to three quarters of an inch water resistant plywood. With improved material comes a safer and more water-resistant mobile home.


If you are experiencing any problems with your mobile home and need repairs on any of the above situations give Drews Roofing and Home Repair a call at (910) 845-2207.




Andrew Bussell

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  1. Nicole Berube on January 26, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    My landlord needs you. He keeps cool sealing the trailer I live in. The roof keeps leaking. ( mind you it took him a few years to get to it) I work at a metal factory and was going to make me some gutters. From your video I definitely now know it’s the gutters. Thanks.

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