3 Home Modification Projects for Your Elderly Parents

old couple home modification

The baby boomer generation is aging; so planning home modifications to make sure your parents are aging in place should happen sooner instead of later. According to research by the AARP, almost 90% of elderly individuals want to remain in their existing homes while they age. To create the safest and most comfortable environment, you will have to have a solid strategy for modifications.

Replace Door and Cabinet Handles

An easy and quick job is to replace cabinet door knobs and hardware with D handles. Traditional door knobs are challenging for those who have arthritis, as the twisting motion sometimes proves to be painful. D handles permit seniors with all capabilities of easily opening and closing their doors or cabinets, and the hardware may look just as stylish as any additional handle.

Install Railings and Grab Bars All Throughout the House

Usually installed in the shower or close to the toilet, grab bars are simplistic devices which make a big difference. They’ll help stabilize homeowners while maneuvering, or they provide a great handhold for a minute of rest. Grab bars need to be properly installed so they can securely bear the weight of the individual grabbing hold. Therefore, finding a professional handyman for the project is critical. An expert also can help to make grab bars appear like decorative accents instead of an eyesore. When adding grab bars all throughout the home, also consider adding railings to stairways.

Make Showering Safe and Convenient

Besides a grab bar, installing a corner seat inside the shower offers an additional layer of safety. The seat enables anyone who’s uneasy on their feet a space to sit down and relax as warm water pours over them. Seats don’t have to be just for sitting. Shower seats are also the ideal perch for bottles of shampoo, and an area to prop up legs while shaving. The showerhead also should be upgraded to a handheld device. A wand attachment can make it easy to rinse soap from hard-to-reach spots.

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